Polar Plunge

Polar-Plunge-175What Is It

The Special Olympics Florida Polar Plunge® at Aquatica is statewide fundraiser during which individuals and teams, alongside Special Olympics athletes raise money for the privilege of Plunging into the chilled down wave pool.

Aquatica is usually warm and tropical, but once each year they chill down their wave pool so you can experience the “thrill of the chill” all while supporting a great cause. Only the wave pool is chilled down, the rest of the rides are heated.  You and your spectators can enjoy Aquatica all day!

Why Do It

Everyone deserves a chance at a happy and purposeful life. Yet people with intellectual disabilities face doubt, barriers and low expectations. For many, Special Olympics is the only place where they find an opportunity to participate in their communities, develop belief in themselves, and feel like champions.  By participating in the Polar Plunge, you’re helping us reach more people who want to participate in Special Olympics.

How It Works

There is no cost for plunging but Plungers are asked to fundraise a minimum of $100.  Plungers create their own personal Plunge webpage so friends, family and co-workers can donate online. It’s quick, easy and secure.

Plungers, who raise the minimum of $100 in donations, automatically get entry into Aquatica, the official Polar Plunge® T-shirt, two spectator passes and bragging rights over everyone who just couldn’t bear it! The more money you raise, the more cool stuff you can get – like Aquatica, SeaWorld and Discovery Cove tickets.

Plunger Incentives


Virtual Plunger

Do not want to Plunge, but still participate? Become a Virtual Plunger.  Raise pledges and receive incentives just like a regular Plunger, but without going into the chilly water.

Feeling Competitive?

Awards will be given for:

  • Largest Team
  • Highest Grossing Team
  • Best Team Costume
  • Individual Costumes
  • Highest Grossing Individual Fundraiser