Sarasota – August 19, 2017  

25M Freestyle

Chris Annen – 2nd PlaceMaryann Casady – 1st Place
Jonathan Chace – 3rd PlaceNicole Dalrymple – 2nd Place
Eric Garoutte – 1st PlaceBarry Gradert – 2nd Place
MacKenzie Holland – 3rd PlaceJoan Kelly – 1st Place
Janine Marden – 2nd PlaceElizabeth Martel – 1st Place
Megan Maus – 2nd PlaceMcKenzie Mayer – 3rd Place
Kristy Merchant – 3rd PlaceDanielle Ouellette – 1st Place
Tom Ouellette – 1st PlaceMary Padgett – 1st Place
Michael Pirola – 5th PlaceVirginia Reiter – 1st Place
Sandy Saunders – 1st PlaceKristi Stadler – 5th Place
David Thompson – 3rd PlaceDaniel Vasquez – 5th Place
Jacob Wade – 4th PlaceShannon Yen – 1st Place
25M Backstroke/25M Breaststroke/25M Butterfly
Eileen Bond – 2nd Place (Back)Maryann Casady – 1st Place (Back)
Jonathan Chace – 2nd Place (Back)Nicole Dalrymple – 5th Place (Back)
Eric Garoutte – 1st Place (Back)Barry Gradert – 1st Place (Back)
Beth Heckler – 2nd Place (Breast)MacKenzie Holland – 1st Place (Back)
Joan Kelly – 2nd Place (Back)Janine Marden – 3rd Place (Back)
Elizabeth Martel – 1st Place (Back)Megan Maus – 1st Place (Back)
McKenzie Mayer – 1st Place (Back)Kristy Merchant – 5th Place (Back)
Danielle Ouellette – 3rd Place (Back)Tom Ouellette – 1st Place (Back)
Mary Padgett – 5th Place (Back)Michael Pirola – 3rd Place (Back)
Virginia Reiter – 1st Place (Back)Sandy Saunders – 1st Place (Back)
Kristi Stadler – 2nd Place (Back)David Thomson – 4th Place (Back)
Daniel Vasquez – 1st Place (Back) Jacob Wade – 3rd Place (Back)
Shannon Yen – 4th Place (Back) Meaghan Golembeski – 1st Place (Butter)

Indoor Pool

Brittany Becker – 2nd Place (25M Flotation)Krista Schultz – 1st Place (25M Flotation)

 50M Pool (Free/Back/Butterfly/Breast)

Shea Becker – 2nd Place (Back)Shea Becker – 2nd Place (Free)
Sam Brode – 1st Place (Back)Sam Brode – 1st Place (Free)
Adam Carmona – 3rd Place (Back)Adam Carmona – 2nd Place (Free)
Christian Cole – 1st Place (Back)Christian Cole – 1st Place (Free)
Erik Esclangon – 1st Place (Free)Erik Esclangon – 2nd Place (Back)
Jason Fernandes – 1st Place (Breast)Jason Fernandes – 1st Place (Free)
Christopher Gray – 2nd Place (Back)Christopher Gray – 3rd Place (Free)
Beth Heckler – 1st Place (Free)John Liska – 1st Place (Back)
John Liska – 1st Place (Back)Natalie Spurgeon – 1st Place (Free)
April Terpstra – 1st Place (Back)April Terpstra – 1st Place (Free)
David Williams – 2nd Place (Back)David Williams – 1st Place (Free)
Barbara Wilson – 1st Place (Back)Barbara Wilson – 1st Place (Free)

 Unique Events

Patrick Burke – 1st Place 100M IMPatrick Burke – 1st Place 200M Backstroke
Heather DeBoer – 2nd Place 100M FreeHeath DeBoer – 1st Place 100M IM
Meaghan Golembeski – 1st Place 100M BackDoug Johnson – 1st Place 400M Free
Kristin Meyn – 4th Place 100M (Free)Kristin Meyn – 2nd Place 100M IM
Natalie Spurgeon – 1st Place – 100M (Breast) 


Becker, Heckler, Wilson & Fernandes – 2nd Place 4×50 FreeBrode, Cole, Carmona, Esclangon – 1st Place 4×50 Free
Burke, Spurgeon, Meyn, DeBoer – 1st Place 4×50 MedleyOullette, Ouellette, Casady, Saunders – 1st Place 4×25 Free
Maus, Dalrymple, Merchant, Stadler – 3rd Place 4×25 FreeMartel, Wade, Holland, Gradert – 1st Place 4×25 Free
Mayer, Reiter, Marden, Kelly – 2nd Place – 4×25 Free 

AREA GOLF        
Naples – August 5, 2017
Head Coach:  Carol Rahmoeller

Level 1 – Skills – Female
Danielle Ouellette – 2nd Place
Meaghan Golembeski – 3rd  Place
Ingrid Spindler – 3rd Place
Tina Thompson – 2nd Place

Level 1 – Skills – Male
Nick Angelicas – 1st Place
Chris Annen – 1st Place

Level 2 – Alternate Shot Team Play
Luci Bromberg & Tom Ouellette – 1st Place
Ryan Golembeski & Trevor Sturman – 2ndPlace
Vivian Grant & Kristin Meyn – 2nd Place

ESPN – May 19-21, 2017

Bocce – Coach:  Kris Yen
              Chaperone:  Sky Muncaster
Shannon Yen – GOLD
Barbara Wilson and Cara Stokes – SILVER

TENNIS – Coach:  Carol Rahmoeller and April Bradley
                 Chaperone:  Amanda Hawk
Tina Thompson – GOLD
Bridget Meaney – SILVER
April Terpstra – SILVER
Kristin Meyn and Sharon Wirth – SILVER
Louis Amico and Wayne Luoma – SILVER

TRACK AND FIELD:  Coach:  Jim Alexis
                                    Chaperones:  Troy Brode and Greg Justice
Sam Brode – Running Long Jump – GOLD; 200M Run – SILVER
Doug Johnson – Shot Put – BRONZE; 800M Run – SILVER
Evan Justice – Penthathalon – GOLD
Adam Bell – Shot Put – 4th Place; 100M Run – 6th Place
Christian Shakespeare – Shot Put – SILVER; 400M Walk – BRONZE

CYCLING:  Coaches:  Ray Edwards and Fred Shattuck
                   Chaperones:  Vonnie Heckler and Joyce Shattuck
Tara Shattuck – 250M – GOLD
Sandy Saunders – 500M – SILVER
Ruth Turner – 500M – GOLD; 1K – SILVER
   Rest of results to be added


State Equestrian icon-equestrian
Grand Oaks Resort – Weirsdale, FL – March 24-25, 2017

                                     Trails                                    Equitation
Savannah Nicosia       SILVER                                  GOLD
Patrick Burke               SILVER                                  SILVER
Doug Johnson             5th Place                              GOLD
Adam Bell                    GOLD                                     SILVER 

State Basketball  icon-basketball
The Big House – Tavares – February 10-11

Full Court – Traditional Team – Division 4
Venice Steelers – 4th Place
Coaches:  Jim Alexis and Greg Justice
Team:  Clint Faulkner, Evan Justice, Jackson Dye, Kristen Meyn, Dorota Moszczynska, Joe Kelly, John Gerber, Louis Amico, Adam Bell and Patrick Burke

Full Court – Traditional Team – Division 3
Screaming Eagles – SILVER
Coaches:  Ben Hard and Steve Zenuh         Chaperone:  Mark Kunz
Team:  Danielle Roe, Arie Blefeld, Adam Carmona, Nick Kunz, Tydarian Taylor, Erik Esclangon, Anthony Manzano, Jacob Wade, and Mark Leeseburg


State Bowling   icon-bowling
Boardwalk Bowl, Orlando – December 2-3, 2016

Bowling singles
Nick Kunz – 4th Place
Holly Wooster – BRONZE
Danielle Roe – 8th Place
MacKenzie Holland – 6th Place
Todd Ecock – 4th Place

Bowling Team
Anna Huss, Shea Becker, Kristin Meyn, Sandy Saunders – 5th Place

Unified Bowling Team
Robert Dawson, Aam Laing, Justin Parker, Kim Parker – GOLD
David Diefenbach, Scott Harwick, Fred Shattuck, Maryann Boisvert – 4th Place

Doubles Bowling Team
Katelyn MacLean, April Terpstra – BRONZE

Unified Doubles Bowing Team
Chrysteena Lutz, Dorota Moszczynska – 7th Place

State Fall Classic
Power lifting, Unified Flag Football and Softball
Disney’s ESPN – November 11-13, 2016

Softball     icon-softball
Coaches:  Bob Jandreau, Art Fishbein and D.J. Asselin


Players:  Aire Blefeld, Adam Carmona, Edward Collins, Christian Cole, Jose Corredor, Alex Dejesus, Joseph DeVito, Erin Ely, Brian Jandreau, Nick Kunz, Danielle Roe, Brandon Roman, Brian Knights, David Sandison

Unified Flag Football
Coaches:  John Luchansky and Dave Lutz

Gold Medal

Players:  Shyanna Alford, Hunter Burns, James Burns, Mike Casper, Micah Holt, Joseph Kelly, Christina Lutz, Jordan Lutz, Anthony Manzano, Christian Shakespeare


State Swimming  icon-aquatics             
August 20, 2016 – Sarasota, FL
Coaches:  Debbie Golembeski, Troy Brode and Yvonne Hall
Chaperones:  Dee Trainor and Tom Meyn

25M Backstroke
Erik Esclangon – GOLD 

Daniel Gonzalez – GOLD
Megan Maus – BRONZE 
Daniel Vasquez – SILVER

25M Freestyle
Erik Esclangon – SILVER
Daniel Gonzalez – BRONZE
Megan Maus – GOLD
Daniel Vasquez – SILVER           

25M Butterfly
Kristin Meyn  – GOLD

4x25M Medley Relay
Meaghan Golembeski, Natalie Spurgeon, Kristin Meyn, James Treanor – GOLD

50M – Backstroke
Shea Becker – 4th Place
Heather DeBoer – BRONZE

50M Freestyle
Shea Becker – SILVER
Meaghan Golembeski – GOLD
Kristin Meyn – SILVER
Natalie Spurgeon – Participation

50M Breaststroke
Natalie Spurgeon – GOLD

100M Individual Medley/200M Backstroke/200M Individual Medley/400M Freestyle
Patrick Burke – GOLD  (100M – IM)  (200M Back) – GOLD
Doug Johnson – GOLD (200M IM)  GOLD (400M FR)

100M Freestyle/100M Backstroke
Heather DeBoer – 4th Place (FR)                            Meaghan Golembeski – SILVER  (Back)
James Treanor – GOLD (FR)    1st Place (Back)