Special Olympics Florida

WWE stars and Special Olympics athletes come together at Plant City High School

Written by:  FOX 13 News staff

Their Special Olympics competitions are around the corner and some athletes have already started warming up with a game of bocce, but their opponents were unexpected. They took the bocce ball courts with WWE superstars. 

The Miz, Bianca Blair, Kacey Catanzaro and Ricochet all took time out of their day to join in the fun at Plant City High School. 

“It’s really cool, I have never played bocce, and these guys, my team carried me, honestly. They were amazing, so it’s really fun to be here,” said NXT superstar Kacey Catanzaro. 

The games brought special moments for both the WWE stars and the Special Olympics athletes. 

“Anytime the WWE goes anywhere, and we travel all over the world, we try to make an impact on the community, and make an impact here at the Special Olympics. Today it’s bocce, tomorrow it might be basketball, the next day might be another place. So, were basically trying to put smiles on people’s faces,” said Michael ‘The Miz’ Mizanin. 

The competition was hot and there was even some trash-talking. The bowling-like game of bocce was familiar only to The Miz. 

“The problem is, there’s no sand here, it’s just on a basketball court. So I’m not used to the ball, I’m not used to the surface. And I’ll tell you what, these kids are kicking my butt, all over the bocce court,” added The Miz. 

The games were close, but winning wasn’t the only goal. These athletes are fulfilling dreams and making memories in the process. 

“Doing this every year is like a dream for me. It’s nice to have this. I get to be with my friends, I get to hang out. That’s the cool part about Special Olympics. I’d like to thank the WWE and all of them for coming out with us today,” said Special Olympics athlete Trey Givens.