Special Olympics Florida

Colby Kitner

Unified Partner, Orange County

I was intrigued when my soccer coach, Scott Carvale, asked me to join the Olympia High School Unified team and immediately said yes. Little did I know I would be setting out to play Unified with the Orlando City Soccer Club against different Major League Soccer teams across the country.

My teammates and I got to travel to D.C. United’s stadium in August as well as play a home game at the Orlando City stadium against the Columbus Crew SC in October 2018. Traveling and playing with his Unified teammates opened my eyes to the world of Unified and Special Olympics.

I’ve personally loved every moment of my work with the Unified team because it brings a lot of joy to the athletes and has changed my life. It has changed a lot of my views and made me realize that nothing can get in the way of someone who truly has a goal.

I did not know where playing Unified would take me, but I am now hooked and plan to keep playing Unified in the future for my high school, and hope more people will join.

Unified sports is an incredibly fun thing to do and it’s not only benefiting the athletes but also helping yourself become a better person.