Special Olympics Florida

Fidel Rosas

Wells Fargo, Event Volunteer, Miami-Dade County


I’ve tried to live my life with the most positive mindset possible. I have seen my share of struggles and experiences that have helped shape the way I appreciate and approach every day. I will never forget the day that I learned why volunteering is such an essential part of living, because your life takes shape in part by how much you give.  It was an early Sunday morning in March 2014, when I participated in the first Special Olympics competition. I could not have imagined how this event would change my life and infuse my heart with a passion for volunteering.

That day I learned so much about passion, effort, determination, and appreciation. I had the pleasure of escorting one the elementary school athletes through her competitions of the day. I will never forget the sensational feeling I felt running through my veins, while I cheered her on for every one of her events. There are no words that can describe the enthusiasm I felt in taking part of this special moment in time.

In that instance, I realized that no matter what was going on in the world, nothing was more important that making her feel like the champion she is and will continue to be. Her sheer strength and determination to overcome any obstacle was a sight to see. I was instantly hooked and knew that I could never again allow myself to not take part.

The experience in that first event helped to shape all of my future volunteering endeavors, which propelled me to continue to volunteer and participate in over 20 events since.  The role of volunteering is essential in helping the Special Olympics consistently execute their many competitions. But, the truth is, their competitions do so much more for me, then I can ever do for them. Just as the Volunteer Oath describes, “I promise to spread the word of volunteerism because, in giving, I receive so much more in return.”