Special Olympics Florida

Phil Morphew

Coach and Parent, Hernando County

My wife and I, Sally, have two adult special needs sons.  Chris and David have been involved in many sports: basketball, bocce, bowling, soccer, swimming and golf. Through them, I have been associated with Special Olympics for over 40 years and we couldn’t be prouder. I have been an escort, Unified partner, caddy, chaperone, chauffeur, and coach. I feel as if my most important job is being a parent, there is nothing better.  I have enjoyed watching my sons grow both as athletes and as men.  I believe that Special Olympics has helped me learn teamwork and sportsmanship. I currently coach Bocce and the sheer joy on the faces of our athletes is what keeps me involved.  They have fun whether they win or lose.  They cheer for the fellow athletes and even the opposing team.  I am continually amazed at their positive attitudes. Parents usually look for things that make their kids feel more “normal”. Special Olympics can do that. I always try to encourage other parents to get their sons and daughters involved in any of the many sports available. Learn, enjoy, and make a new “normal”.