Special Olympics Florida

Taylor Byle

Coach, Duval County

After moving to Duval County I was excited to get back involved with Special  Olympics in a new capacity as a coach. I had volunteered in other counties in the past, but I was excited to get more personally involved with the athletes.  My goal is to increase our outreach and bring more athletic opportunities to more people.

I have started the softball program here and we hope to grow this year to have an entire team.  One of my athletes, Wyatt, had participated minimally in Special Olympics in the past. Since he participated in softball, he is now much more involved. He is now doing track and stand up paddle. He even recently completed the Gate River Run 15k here in Jacksonville.

It is extremely rewarding to see our athletes grow and excel through sports. I am proud to be a part of that. Special Olympics at its core is about connecting people and breaking down barriers to show us that we are not much different at all.