Special Olympics Florida

Valeria Krygier

Photographer, Miami-Dade County

Photography is more than just pressing a button on a piece of technology. It is an art that not only captures a moment but also evokes emotions. It can also be said that there are two people in every photograph: the viewer and the photographer.

I started volunteering for Special Olympics as a photographer for many reasons. This included to simply document the event while providing professional photos to the athletes and families as well as keeping my own technical photography skills sharp. The deeper reason is I wanted to open the eyes of the world to the seemingly extraordinary moments that happen at every single Special Olympics event.

When you hear the word “athlete”, you immediately picture a football star, a famous basketball player, or one of the great baseball players in history. In all reality, the athleticism of a Special Olympics athlete can far exceed the average American. They are running, jumping, and moving in ways that defy societal limits.

My photographs can help change what people consider a “normal athlete”.  When I reflect on my photographs I don’t just see an athlete. I don’t just see an organization supporting their dreams. I see joy, a fighting spirit, a girl with self-confidence, a boy experiencing success, and I see love. What do you see?