Coaching Opportunities

Head Coach

Head Coach is a certified coach who is always present at all training opportunities.  In the event of multiple Certified Coaches at any training or competition a head coach is the primary point of contact.

Certified Coach

Undergoes classroom and hands on training and certification process, within one year of becoming involved as a coach, designed specifically for the needs of an intellectually disabled athlete.

  • Primary contact person for sport.
  • Maintains athletes’ records and completes registration process for competition.
  • Works with Special Olympics staff to select training site and time.
  • Organizes practices with other volunteers and all athletes.
  • Attends competitions with the athletes.
  • Liaison for upcoming Coaches Training and Certification schools, encourages volunteers to become certified coaches.
  • Assesses each athlete to determine skill level for competition and training.
  • Develops eight-week training program for each athlete including fundamental skills, conditioning, and rules.
  • Has complete knowledge and abides by Sports Rules of Special Olympics.
  • Class A approved.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sport Volunteer

  • Is not required to become certified, helps out with practices.
  • Assists coach with assessing athlete skills.
  • Not necessarily expert in sport but comes to practice 75% of the time.
  • Does not travel to competitions unless asked by head coach.
  • Class A approved.

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