General Orientation Quiz

All quiz questions are required.

1) To be eligible to compete in Special Olympics, an athlete must be at least
2) In what year did Special Olympics officially begin?
3) How many groups, including Special Olympics, are sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee to use the word "Olympics"?
4) Special Olympics Florida has one state-level competition?
5) What program does Special Olympics have for athletes who are unable to participate in the traditional sports offered due to having more profound disabilities?
6) Special Olympics training and competition is open to every person who: (check all that apply)
7) There are 28 official sports offered by Special Olympics Inc. Which of the following is NOT an official Special Olympics sport?
8) Special Olympics offers the Young Athletes program for which age group?
9) What words are missing from the Special Olympics Athlete's Oath? Let me _____ , but if I cannot win, let me be ______ in the attempt.
10) What are the 3 criteria used for divisioning?
11) What words are missing from the Special Olympics Coach's Oath? "In the name of all coaches and in the spirit of _____________, I promise that we will act professionally, respect others, and ensure a positive experience for all. I promise to provide _____________ and training opportunities in a safe environment for all athletes."
12) Special Olympics is more similar than different from other sports organizations. There are, however, things that make Special Olympics unique. Which of the statements below is NOT one of those unique attributes?
13) Participating in Special Olympics Unified Sports enable athletes to: (check all that apply)
14) In team sports, lower ability athletes who are not ready for team play can participate in:
15) The first Special Olympics International Games were held in July 1971 at Soldier Field in Chicago.
16) The Special Olympics program that allows athletes to explore opportunities for greater participation in our movement beyond sports training and competition is called:

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