Special Olympics Florida

Hillsborough County

Sports Offered

Each sports season lasts approximately 3-4 months with at least 8 weeks of training and three levels of competition: County, Area, and State Games.  Follow the steps below to get signed up to participate!!

Step 1: Complete Special Olympics Florida athlete registration forms and submit here  (put “Athlete Registration” and name in the subject line).

Step 2: Review the sport offerings below (make sure to note the time of year the sport is played).

Step 3: Register for current sports shown below (link will be active once registration begins).

Step 4: Attend practice and have fun!

For further information on any of our year-round sports, please contact us, 813-508-6905.

  • Athletics (Track and Field) (January– May)
  • Basketball (October – February)
  • Bocce (January – May)
  • Bowling (July– December)
  • Cheerleading (January – May)
  • Cycling (January – May)
  • Equestrian (November– March)
  • Flag Football (July – November)
  • Golf (May – September)
  • Gymnastics (July – November)
  • Powerlifting (July– November)
  • Soccer (January – May)
  • Softball (July – November)
  • Stand Up Paddle (April – August)
  • Swimming (June – October)
  • Tennis (January – May)
  • Volleyball (January – May)
  • School-Based Programs

Online Registration is only open for sports that are currently participating or “in season.”  To make sure you are notified to signup for future sport opportunities please make sure to “Like” our  Facebook page and sign up your email to receive updates.