Special Olympics Florida

Leon County

Special Olympics Florida License Plate
In late 2009, the state of Florida more than doubled the fee for specialty plates, making the cost prohibitive and dropping sales of specialty license plates 67 percent. This is costing millions of dollars in losses to the non-profit organizations that benefit from specialty plates, including Special Olympics Florida!
Donations from Florida’s specialty plates fund an array of important programs: the plates are more than a show of support, they are a substantial form of funding for good works. Organizations with specialty plates in Florida must have a minimum of 1,000 new plates sold annually in order to remain a part of the specialty plate program.
As one of the very first specialty plates approved in Florida, it would be a shame to see this great revenue and awareness-raising opportunity disappear. Our specialty plate fee is the lowest of any specialty plate at only $15 (minus State of FL fees)! Your extra $15 will benefit the local Special Olympics program in the county where you purchase your plate — not many other specialty plates programs can say that!
Since its offering in 1994, Special Olympics Florida’s specialty license plate has raised over $1 million dollars to benefit Florida’s children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Thousands of plates have been issued to supporters across the state. Ordering a plate can be done when you renew your registration at your local tax collector’s office.
A specialty license plates is a unique gift, and a great way to support Special Olympics Florida. Please remember that in Florida, most registrations are renewed on the birth date of the registrant, so these gift certificates can also be a great birthday gift.