Special Olympics Florida

Miami-Dade County

Meet Javier Guerrero!

Javier is currently a junior at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. He is the chair of the Unified Champions School Program in Miami-Dade County and the head coach for Belen Jesuit’s Special Olympic’s team, the Belen Jesuit Wolfpack. In addition to managing his studies, he is responsible for all of the Unified Champions Schools Programs in Miami-Dade County.

Javier is proud to say he has been able to greatly expand our Unified Champions School Program, and has founded Unified Champions School Programs at schools across Miami. Currently, we now have over 10 Unified Champions School Programs in Miami and are one of the largest Unified Champions Schools Programs in Florida all thanks to great leaders like Javier.

On the field, Mr. Guerrero is the head coach for the Wolfpack where he leads our Unified 5 v 5 basketball and soccer teams. He also coaches bowling for the Miami Vice Strikers and participates in softball county games as a Unified Partner. Off the field, Javier urges middle school and high school students to get involved in the program and promotes R-Word Awareness.


This passion for altruism is not new for Javier. He first got involved in Special Olympics in the 6th grade as a dedicated volunteer. In the 9th grade, Javier fully emerged himself in the program and became a unified partner for Doral Special Olympics.

Javier is thankful for Special Olympics and the impact it has had on him. He says it this way, “I always say that although I might be able to improve an athlete’s athletic abilities and teach them new skills, I will never be able to replicate the effect that the athletes and Special Olympics have had on my life. Ramon Montero, one of the most incredible and fun-loving athletes I have ever met, once told me that “Special Olympics is my life”. I am proud to say that just like Ramon told me, Special Olympics has now become my life.”

We are surely thankful for him!