Special Olympics Florida

Osceola County

Sport Registration

Follow the steps below to get started and if you have any questions please call 352-242-8929.

Registration Process:

  • Fill out the Sport Registration Form below.
  • Make sure you have also completed the necessary Special Olympics Florida Athlete Participation Forms and fax to 407-965-4994.
  • When finalized, you will receive an email with practice times, location, coach name and schedule.
  • Attend the first practice and have a great season.

  • Complete and thorough training is essential to the mission of Special Olympics. Athletes must be present as often as possible at all scheduled practices in order to compete at county, area, and state games.
  • All athletes must have a current medical form on file (retained for 3 years) or have a medical form completed and processed and in our system before attending the first practice.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.