Special Olympics Florida

Osceola County

Young Athletes

The Young Athletes program is an innovative sports play program for children ages 2-7 with intellectual disabilities (ID) and developmental disabilities (DD) and their peers, designed to introduce them into the world of sports. The benefits to this program have been proven worldwide. First and foremost, these activities will help the children improve physically, cognitively and socially. This program will also raise awareness of the Special Olympics program and serve as an introduction to the resources and support available within Special Olympics Florida to families, agencies, and schools.

Young Athletes teaches basic movement skills, such as walking and running, balancing, jumping, galloping, hopping, skipping, dodging, and overall awareness of the body in space. It also teaches object control skills, such as throwing, trapping, catching, kicking, and striking with hands or with other objects.  Children learn social skills and families enjoy quality time together, while engaging in fun activities including parachute play and movement to music.

Like all other Special Olympics Florida programs, Young Athletes is available free of charge for all participants! 

Young Athletes Interest Form

If you are interested in being enrolled in this program, please fill out the below form.  Upon completion, you will be emailed the Young Athletes Registration Form and the Young Athletes Release Form.

  • All athletes must have a registration and release form on file or have forms completed by the first training practice.
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