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Athlete Earns Presidential Champion Platinum Award

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Special Olympics Florida athlete Jonathan Doring is no stranger to winning medals, and after 37 months of hard work this unique athlete is on the precipice of earning the one million points needed to receive the Presidential Champions Platinum Award. The Presidential Champions winner’s list is sprinkled with the names of military personnel, medical doctors and an occasional Grand Master of martial arts – quite a club that Doring will proudly join. While it’s taken 37 months for him to reach his goal, he’s really picked up the pace over the last year.  Read More »

Sports, Autism and Special Olympics

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The following is a guest post from Special Olympics Florida President/CEO Sherry Wheelock. 

Not only is April a big month for baseball, with Opening Day celebrated today in stadiums around the country, but April is also Autism Awareness Month, which makes it a perfect time to introduce you to one very accomplished Special Olympics athlete: Malcom.  Read More »