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Black History Month Athlete Spotlight – Stacy

Posted on February 23, 2017 | Posted in Athlete LeadershipAthlete ProfilesSports

Stacy is an exceptional Special Olympics Florida athlete who thrives through sports training and competition, as well as Athlete Leadership training programs.

2016 SG Tennis 526Stacy has been participating in Special Olympics Florida for 20 years. She is active in bowling, bocce, and tennis. The 2014 summer season she decided to try tennis skills for the first time, as it was her New Year’s resolution to try a new sport. The hard work paid off, and she returned home from State Summer Games with a gold medal in tennis skills. Stacy enjoys the benefit of physical fitness that comes from participation in sports and loves practicing, traveling, and competing with other athletes.

For 10 years Stacy has been involved in Athlete Leadership, and she is the Athlete Leader Chair for the Escambia County Athlete Input Council. Stacy was also elected as State Input Council member for Area 1.  In 2016 Stacy was elected Vice Chair of the State Input Council.

Athlete Leadership is a passion for Stacy. She excels in her ability to educate the community about the mission of Special Olympics. Stacy’s skillfulness of connecting with her audience is phenomenal. She works tirelessly to think of creative ways to help Escambia County’s program grow. Stacy also focuses on reaching out to other counties in her area to try to help develop their Athlete Input Council. Stacy says that becoming an athlete in Special Olympics Florida, as well as an Athlete Leader has helped her shyness. Few who know her now have never seen her “shy” side.

Stacy is respected and loved by her coaches, volunteers, and most of all, her peers. Many of the athletes look up to her as a role model. She does not take that honor lightly. She encourages other athletes and is always willing to help them whenever she can. She values all of her friendships that she has made over the years in Florida and around the world.

Stacy has been honored at Special Olympics Florida’s Champions’ Gala, she has represented Escambia County in Athlete Congress, and she was invited to introduce a speaker at the International Law Enforcement Torch Run Conference in November 2013. Stacy has represented Special Olympics Florida in Washington, D.C., at Capitol Hill Day in 2015 and again in 2016. Despite all of the accolades and honors that she has received, Stacy remains humble.

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Special Olympics Florida is represented well in the community by Stacy. She embodies the Olympic spirit and has caught on to the movement to educate the communities and the world about Special Olympics and its importance. Stacy emphasizes the abilities of the athletes, not their disabilities when she makes speeches and participates in public events.

She never limits her ability in any area, always reaching for the stars. She credits Special Olympics Florida for bringing out the best in her as an individual – her true skill, courage, sharing, and joy.