Global Messengers

The Global Messenger Program is designed to teach Special Olympics athletes how to speak in public in front of a variety of audiences. The program pairs Special Olympics athletes with a coach, volunteer, or a family member who serves as the athlete’s speech coach. Coaches learn how to help the athlete prepare a speech to address various types of public groups and corporate audiences on a variety of topics related to Special Olympics.

Athletes are taught public speaking skills through various proven methods. Practice sessions, videos and role playing are some of the tools used. We have found that giving Global Messengers an opportunity to share their experiences and feelings publicly greatly enhances their self-esteem and confidence. Having athletes as spokespersons for Special Olympics is both dynamic and fun for the athletes and the audience. Who better to spread the word and spirit of Special Olympics than our Special Olympics Athletes!

Participants must possess a willingness to speak in a public forum and feel comfortable before an audience. The ability to read is helpful but not mandatory. After completing the training course, Global Messengers are expected to go out into their community and speak to potential athletes in schools and agencies who may not know the joys of participating in Special Olympics or how to register.

Athletes also speak to service groups, the corporate community and potential sponsors. Our first and foremost goal is to educate each community so that new athletes, coaches and volunteers can become a part of our County and Area programs.

Global Messengers – Class of 2016

Hillsborough County – Jesse Culpepper
Manatee County – Kerry Ford and Jamie Spencer
Orange County – Jacquline Clare
Pinellas County – Delaney Hall
Putnam County – Craig Williams and Suzann Costa
Sarasota County – Matthew Harrington
Seminole County – Monica Hernandez
St. Lucie County – Chelsea Warren


A look behind the scenes at Global Messenger in-studio training day as seen on Growing Bolder‘s “Surviving & Thriving“, hosted by WESH 2 News anchors Jim Payne and Wendy Chioji.