Health Promotion

Health PromotionDescription:  Athletes are offered guides for healthy eating, lifestyle choices, fun ways to increase physical fitness as well as information (content varies with the health needs of the population) on topics such as tobacco avoidance, sun safety and skin care. Health exams at Games include BMI and bone mineral density (BMD) measurements.  Health Promotion venues empower and motivate athletes to make healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their long-term health by using interactive educational games and literature.

Criteria for Clinical Director:  Dietician, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, PT, Health Educator, someone with Public Health background. Family members, particularly those with an allied health background would be ideally suited. For success, must volunteer 3+ years, good communication skills, talent for teaching and training, organizational skills and able to wisely delegate responsibilities, capacity to sustain enthusiasm and energy over the long term.