Start a Young Athletes Program

  1. Location: Young Athletes can operate in a community setting, school setting, or family setting
  2. Training: Site coordinators partake in a training program offered by representatives of the state office. Training is based on the Young Athletes Activity Guide and Lesson Plans.

  3. New Participants: Upon registration of 6 young athletes with ID/DD and 2 volunteers, an equipment kit (pictured right)
    and banner are sent.
  4. Program: 24 program sessions are conducted at two levels:
    • Level 1 Play:  Physical activities focus on developing fundamental motor tracking and hand-eye coordination.
    • Level 2 Play:  Activities consist of foundational skills, walking & running, balance, jumping, trapping & catching, throwing, striking, kicking, and advanced skills. Advanced skills are a prerequisite to developing the sports skills needed for Special Olympics Florida training and competition.
  5. Culminating Event:  This final event showcases the young athletes’ and Unified young athletes’ learned skills for their parents and the community at large. Each athlete receives a t-shirt to wear at the event. Certificates of participation and ribbons are also given to all Young Athletes participants at the awards ceremony.