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Special Olympics is not about “them.” It’s about all of “us.”

That’s really the point of this website. It takes all of us — athletes, volunteers, families, sponsors, coaches, the general public — who are willing to open our minds and hearts and accept people with intellectual disabilities, to make up our Special Olympics Florida community.

We hope this site will be your on-line home for everything Special Olympics Florida: a place to learn, exchange ideas and be inspired by the accomplishments of our program. And we encourage you to find your place in this great “family” and share it with others.

Special Olympics is a worldwide movement where one can act locally, but make a global impact.  With over 103,500 competitions around the world each year — with training taking place every day, with family leaders, athlete leaders and volunteers extending our message every day — Special Olympics is no longer just an event.  We are a movement, inviting the world not just to attend Games but to think, feel, and act differently about everything – to come help create a world of acceptance and inclusion for all.

And Special Olympics is not “nice.” It is “important.” Our training and competition have always been and will continue to be an important source of health, fitness, pride and achievement for our athletes. Yet, civil society, education, family support, health care…each of these is the work of Special Olympics and important in every way.

And there’s a place for you! We want people who share in our spirit of acceptance, fun and determination to change the world, one life at a time.

Our community is made up of thousands of people from all walks of life. Let us help you find the community that’s right for you!

yellow_arrowAthletesLearn about what sports and opportunities are available to you or someone you know who could participate.

yellow_arrowVolunteers: See how you can help change an athlete’s life, as well as your own, by volunteering.

yellow_arrowCoaches: No one affects the life of an athlete more than a coach. Learn how you can receive the training you need to become a Special Olympics Coach.

yellow_arrowSupport: Special Olympics never charges its athletes a participation fee – see how you or your company can make Special Olympics possible for them.

yellow_arrowFamilies are the true champions of Special Olympics and we understand the challenges of raising a special needs child. Learn what resources are available and how your family can grow through Special Olympics.

yellow_arrowLaw Enforcement: If you are a member of the law enforcement community, become a part of the formidable and caring legion of protectors and supporters of our athletes.