Fit 5

Fit 5 is a fitness resource to be used by coaches, teachers, athletes and Unified partners.  Through engaging in this easy-to-use, step-by-step program, all are educated on how to lead a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, nutrition, and hydration.  Fit 5 is based on the three simple goals of exercising 5 days per week, eating 5 total fruits and vegetables per day, and drinking 5 bottles of water per day. The Fit 5 plan can improve an athlete’s health, fitness, and sports performance.

Implementing Fit 5 is easy:

  • No increased time commitment from coaches
  • All materials/handouts provided to the coach
  • Coach should use warm-up/cool-down times to implement Fit 5 topics
  • Coach can utilize an athlete on the team to help present the topics


How to begin:

  • Coach will fill out kit request form (below)
  • Special Olympics Florida will send Fit 5 Kit and follow-up during duration of program
  • At the end of training, coach or teacher will send in athlete roster form to


Coach’s Re-certification

Upon completion of Fit 5 and Special Olympics Florida’s receipt of athlete roster form, coach will receive re-certification credits for 3 years per sport where Fit 5 was implemented and completed.

Fit 5 Kit Request

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    We will ship the books and cards directly to the coach who will be implementing Fit 5 in to their sports training.
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