SO_HealthyCommunitySeal_230Healthy Community

Sponsored by Special Olympics Florida and the State of Florida, Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

Healthy Community is a premier, health care delivery approach that focuses on the whole person with an intellectual or developmental disability and provides integrated health care coordination.

Good health is necessary for persons with an intellectual or developmental disability to secure the freedom to work, learn, and engage in their families and communities. The United States Surgeon General stated, “Individuals with a developmental disability are more likely to receive inappropriate and inadequate treatment, or be denied health care altogether. Children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities receive fewer routine health examinations, fewer immunizations, less mental health care, less prophylactic oral health care, and fewer opportunities for physical exercise and athletic achievement than do other Americans. Those with communication difficulties are especially at greater risk for poor nutrition, overmedication, injury, and abuse.” Special Olympics International created Healthy Community in response to the U.S. Surgeon General call to action on the health care disparities for people with an intellectual or developmental disability.


  • Promote a longer and more vibrant life with participation in meaningful community activities
  • Activate a community of health care providers into the lives of persons with an intellectual disability
  • Collaborate with premier health care organizations to address the unmet sensory needs
  • Advocacy with Florida policymakers to include healthy options
  • Motivate and empower individuals to make healthier choices
  • Develop comprehensive individualized health care plans
  • Provide services in the context of a whole person using exams, evaluations, health crisis interventions, community integration and support
  • Establish a formal health care outcome system to measure impacts and outcomes
  • Sustain viable services through periods of economic challenges

What We Offer

  • Health care exams in a myriad of disciplines with dedicated and timely follow-up care
  • Access to quality vision wear, hearing aids and insoles
  • Family health forums with leading health care professionals
  • Training for health care professionals specific to serving persons with a vast array of intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Opportunities to participate in community sports fitness and Special Olympics programs
  • Comprehensive centralized tracking of individual’s health care records
  • Access to premier health care through collaborating with community and medical partners
  • Advocacy for all participants of Healthy Community
  • Health care mentors through our university and hospital partners

Targeted Population

  • Special Olympics Florida athletes (children and adults)
  • Lucanus participants in day program and group homes (adults)
  • Agency for Persons with Disabilities waiting list (children and adults)
  • People with developmental disabilities in community schools and agencies (children and adults)
  • People with developmental disabilities in community family homes (adults)