Motor Activity Training Program

The Motor Activity Training Program (MATP) is designed for those athletes with severe disabilities whose physical and/or behavioral limitations preclude participation in traditional Special Olympics team and individual sports competitions.  The emphasis in MATP is on training and participation rather than competition.  MATP seeks to improve the athlete’s basic motor skills in the following areas: dexterity, striking, kicking, manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair and aquatics.

Athletes participating in the Motor Activity Training Program must be registered as Special Olympics Florida athletes (medical & release forms) or as a School Roster Program.

Training Programs are established based on the individual needs of the athlete.  The program utilizes goals, short-term objectives, task-analyzed activities, assessments and teaching/coaching suggestions for individualizing motor activity instruction so that people with severe disabilities can participate in appropriate activities geared to their ability levels.  Training and participation are done onsite.

In school settings, MATP can help physical education teachers integrate students with severe disabilities into regular physical education classes in activities including warm-ups, conditioning, gymnastics and track and field through the use of partial participation and game modifications.

After completion of a training program, a “training day” can be held which provides each athlete a chance to demonstrate his or her personal best in an activity and be recognized for his or her accomplishments.  MATP challenge ribbons and medals are awarded for personal bests during training day activities.

Motor Activity Training Program in Action

Watch this short video (08:37) celebrating the benefit of MATP in combination with the teaching excellence at Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center in Duval County.